EB5 Immigration Visa Creates Jobs, Commerce, Revenue

The EB5 program has created millions of dollars to funnel into major residential housing and commercial projects, making the United States eager to welcome foreign entrepreneurs via the EB5 immigration visa. Thousands of people have an affordable home, well-paid employees are happily working, and foreign investors are earning US citizenship.

Immigration Reform Meets Affordable Financing

In 2008, the United States suffered one of the most significant recessions in recent history. Unemployment skyrocketed, investors lost money; the economy was in peril. That was until a new source of funding was discovered to have copious economic benefit. Foreign investors in need of an immigration visa to the US were now bringing with them the investment money that was desperately needed. Since 2008 more than 110,000 jobs were created through the successful projects of EB5 investors.

A great example of an EB5 project, that resulted in significant success, is a Michigan regional center that opened at record speed. In recent years, Michigan had experienced some of the highest percentages of unemployment and poverty in it’s history. The goal was to raise $50 million to put toward the hospitality industry, manufacturing, technology and mixed-use offices, and also seek projects outside the norm such as student housing at universities. With these new projects comes increased revenue and jobs for the state.

In Hawaii, as well as several other states, assisted living facilities are being built via the EB5 immigration visa, to serve our nation’s over 65 population which is the highest it has ever been. For foreign investors, they were able to earn US citizenship and also create hundreds of local jobs by creating a skilled nursing facility to house people in need of care. Immigration reform allows foreign investors with no business experience to come to the US and make an exorbitant impact on the economy.

BMK LLP: The Leading Law Firm in Immigration Reform

With nearly 90 years of experience, Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP Attorney at Law have assisted foreign entrepreneurs in achieving citizenship for themselves and their families in the United States. As the EB5 investment program has gained awareness, our team has successfully helped our clients through the entire process. This includes the administrative needs as well as counsel for assimilation into the US through hundreds of trusted partners in schooling, language, etc. To learn more or get started on the EB5 process contact the BMK team toll-free (888) 506-1291.